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Help Buy Mark Yudof a Plane!

Some people have found Mark Yudof’s  recent remarks in the New York Times regarding public education to be flippant. Some have even called him an embarrassment to the UC. Still others are calling for his resignation. You know what UCMeP says to all these misguided missives?

Everyone just needs to layoff Yudof (as in get off his back!) .

It is beyond obvious that these Yudof detractors have not read the entire New York Times interview, especially the end where he magnanimously offers to reduce his salary by $200,000.

All he asks for in return, is a private jet comparable to Air Force One.

Now we know that the budget here at the University of California is tight and that the State of California couldn’t possibly afford such a request.

That’s why we’re asking all of you to dig deep in your pockets and for once think about someone else besides yourself. We are asking you to contribute to a very worthy cause, and “Help Buy Mark Yudof a Plane!”

And remember, all donations are tax deductible.

For more information on how to contribute to this worth cause, please email UCMeP at


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UC President Mark Yudof in the NY Times and looking dapper as ever…

Yesterday our illustrious despot, President Mark Yudof, gave an interview to the New York Times on the very day of the UC-wide Walkout. As always, his timing was impeccable and his comments, well, UCMeP could not have offered a better interview.

Please be aware, this is the person who is defending public education in front of the state of California. He is the public face of the UC.

For all of you who value public education, these facts should probably scare the sh*t out of you. We at the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization, on the other hand, are proud of his flippant attitude toward public education.

Please know, we at UCMeP will be working tirelessly over the next few weeks to raise enough money to purchase President Yudof an aircraft that is comparable to Air Force One like he requests at the end of the interview.

We have pasted President Yudof’s interview  below in its entirety: Continue reading

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Buy-In Video

You can see part of our chairman’s speech about 45 seconds in and part of our auction at the end of the video.

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UC Berkeley Buys In

UCMeP in full force in front of 5,000+ People

By anyone’s account, Thursday, September 24 was a momentous day in the history of the University of California. Aside from the minor unrest (UC Berkeley walkout) caused by thousands of faculty, staff and students, the day was a total success— mostly thanks to the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization, of course.

The result of the “Buy-In” went well beyond our wildest dreams and we are proud to say that we successfully auctioned off 4 major UC Berkeley landmarks today: Memorial Stadium (plus the native american burial ground beneath it), Sather Tower, Sather Gate, and Sproul Plaza! Unfortunately, we found out during the auction that Lawrence Livermore Labs had already been bought off.

We had (literally) thousands of bids on these properties and we want to thank everyone for their eager support for helping to efficiently privatize the University of California.

We will post pictures soon!

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UCMeP Buy-in Demands

As we all know, with UCMeP’s help, tomorrow promises to be one of the most momentous days in the history of the University of California.

With just one day to go, UCMeP would like to remind its faithful followers of the three modest demands we are rallying for:

1.  We demand the end to all organizing, troublemaking, and general hullabaloo by UC faculty, employees, and students against the privatization of the University of California. In times of crisis, bureaucratic protocols like democracy, shared governance, and public debate are only obstacles in the way of efficient privatization and must not be tolerated.

2. We demand that all demands for greater transparency of the University of California budget cease immediately. Transparency will only lead to further outrage and lend support to criticisms of President Yudof and the Regents, thus slowing the process of privatization.

3. We demand that the proposed impermanence of furloughs, layoffs, and “graduated” wage reductions be seriously reconsidered. Such “cost-saving” measures should instead be extended and expanded. UCOP was 110% correct in declaring that: “Suggesting that the families of the 3,600 people making over $200,000 per year should be affected exclusively and even more disproportionately that they are already to be affected is counterproductive.” And only a 32% increase in tuition next year? Come on. Can’t we do better than that? Where is the ambition in such a modest proposal?

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Haas Business School Leading the Way

We were heartened by the following email to undergraduate students from the higher-ups at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Employing scare tactics and encouraging students to rat out Professors and GSI’s in an effort to debilitate this Thursday’s walk-out is just what the situation calls for! Let the red-baiting begin! Thank you Haas for leading the charge!

Dear Haas Students:

Many of you are aware that there is a call for research faculty at many of UC’s ten campuses, including Berkeley, to stage a walkout tomorrow, September 24, to express their dismay over recent University budget cuts and student fee increases.  Simultaneously, the Union of Professional and Technical Workers (UPTE) will be holding a strike over labor issues.  What you need to know is that the leadership of the UC system-wide Academic Senate opposes the walkout and that the American Federation of Teachers, which represents our professional faculty (lecturers), has advised its members not to cancel classes . The University views the strike as illegal and has published a set of questions and answers for employees. We are not formally aware of any Haas faculty or GSI’s who are participating in the walkout, and you should plan to attend class as usual.  If, however, you show up for a class and it has been cancelled, kindly contact your program office immediately.


Jay Stowsky, PhD

Senior Assistant Dean for Instruction

Haas School of Business

University of California, Berkeley

545 Student Services Building #1900

(oh and Jay has a sweet mustache)

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Privatize Now! Ask questions later: A Manifesto for Privatization

The following document from the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization has been deemed unfit for publication by no less than 12 newspapers: the Oakland Tribune, the Contra-Costa Times, the Daily Cal, the East Bay Express, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the Berkeley Daily Planet, the Daily Cal, the Sacramento Bee, the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register, the New York Times, and the SF Chronicle.

We here at UCMeP understand this to be nothing short of a concerted attempt by the leftist media to squash the views of UCMeP. Please help us get out the word about UCMeP’s plans for Thursday, September 24 by forwarding the following declaration widely. Our right of free speech (not to mention the efficient privatization of the University of California) is at stake.

Privatize Now! Ask questions later: A Manifesto for Privatization

Like so many other faculty, staff, and students of the University of California, we are extremely concerned by the pending privatization of the world’s premiere public university. Yet, unlike the thousands of faculty, staff, and students whining over the direction in which certain elites are steering the UC, we at the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (UCMeP) are deeply troubled by the snail’s pace at which this inevitable transformation is proceeding.

While UCMeP continues to maintain 110% confidence in the magisterial abilities of President Yudof and the UC Board of Regents, we wholeheartedly believe that the privatization of the University of California can and should occur more efficiently and swiftly. Rather than a forward-looking “Commission on the Future,” which has already been set up by Regent Russell Gould and President Mark Yudof to facilitate the slow privatization of the UC, we propose a “Commission on the Now!” After all, why wait for tomorrow, when you can act today?

With this said, our enduring faith in the maxim “time is money” has made our decision an easy one: UCMeP will take direct and immediate action to privatize the University of California now.

Continue reading

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