Haas Business School Leading the Way

We were heartened by the following email to undergraduate students from the higher-ups at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Employing scare tactics and encouraging students to rat out Professors and GSI’s in an effort to debilitate this Thursday’s walk-out is just what the situation calls for! Let the red-baiting begin! Thank you Haas for leading the charge!

Dear Haas Students:

Many of you are aware that there is a call for research faculty at many of UC’s ten campuses, including Berkeley, to stage a walkout tomorrow, September 24, to express their dismay over recent University budget cuts and student fee increases.  Simultaneously, the Union of Professional and Technical Workers (UPTE) will be holding a strike over labor issues.  What you need to know is that the leadership of the UC system-wide Academic Senate opposes the walkout and that the American Federation of Teachers, which represents our professional faculty (lecturers), has advised its members not to cancel classes . The University views the strike as illegal and has published a set of questions and answers for employees. We are not formally aware of any Haas faculty or GSI’s who are participating in the walkout, and you should plan to attend class as usual.  If, however, you show up for a class and it has been cancelled, kindly contact your program office immediately.


Jay Stowsky, PhD

Senior Assistant Dean for Instruction

Haas School of Business

University of California, Berkeley

545 Student Services Building #1900

(oh and Jay has a sweet mustache)


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