UCMeP Buy-in Demands

As we all know, with UCMeP’s help, tomorrow promises to be one of the most momentous days in the history of the University of California.

With just one day to go, UCMeP would like to remind its faithful followers of the three modest demands we are rallying for:

1.  We demand the end to all organizing, troublemaking, and general hullabaloo by UC faculty, employees, and students against the privatization of the University of California. In times of crisis, bureaucratic protocols like democracy, shared governance, and public debate are only obstacles in the way of efficient privatization and must not be tolerated.

2. We demand that all demands for greater transparency of the University of California budget cease immediately. Transparency will only lead to further outrage and lend support to criticisms of President Yudof and the Regents, thus slowing the process of privatization.

3. We demand that the proposed impermanence of furloughs, layoffs, and “graduated” wage reductions be seriously reconsidered. Such “cost-saving” measures should instead be extended and expanded. UCOP was 110% correct in declaring that: “Suggesting that the families of the 3,600 people making over $200,000 per year should be affected exclusively and even more disproportionately that they are already to be affected is counterproductive.” And only a 32% increase in tuition next year? Come on. Can’t we do better than that? Where is the ambition in such a modest proposal?


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