Judith Butler vs. Mark Yudof… so not fair

It really isn’t fair that the plebeian masses of the UC have one of the world’s greatest living rhetoricians on their side, while we here at UCMeP have as our public spokesperson, well, um, Mark Yudof.

In the interest of fair debate, check out Judith Butler’s op-ed in that communist rag of a newspaper, The Guardian. And please don’t waste your time comparing the eloquence of her argument to Overlord Yudof’s, it’s not really a fair fight.



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2 responses to “Judith Butler vs. Mark Yudof… so not fair

  1. Grassroots

    Isn’t it time that we recognize President Yudof’s contribution to grassroots activism in our campus, and nominate him to the Hass award?

  2. is UCMeP an ex officio member of the Chamber of Commerce?

    does UCMeP support voter suppression?


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