Them be fightin’ words

From a recent article by Bob Samuels… don’t read if you are easily seduced by sound arguments and/or ethics.

Not only do the bond raters help to determine the cost of borrowing, but they also tell universities what they should do in order to attain a clean bill of fiscal health. For instance, Moody’s slipped into its bond rating for the UC system, the need for the institution to restrain labor costs, increase tuition, diversify revenue streams, feed the money-making sectors, and resist the further unionization of its employees. Like the IMF or World Bank, the bond raters tie access to credit to the dismantling of the public sector and the adoption of free market fundamentalism.

Samuels talks about the neoliberalization of the university like it’s a bad thing.

As Dan “The Monologue” Mogulof might say, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”?


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