Our plutocratic allies at UCSD!

UCMeP was pleasantly surprised to learn of a like-minded movement at UC San Diego: the Billionaires for Fee Hikes.

Not that we want to start a rivalry or anything, but we are totally funnier.


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One response to “Our plutocratic allies at UCSD!

  1. hysterical- ucsd billionaire video!

    did you see this?!:
    The latest in an ongoing investigation by Spot.us highlights how some UC Regents may be making millions of dollars from university investments. Their latest report can be found here: http://blog.spot.us/2010/02/11/uc-regents-schwarzenegger-and-wachter-are-they-making-a-profit-from-university-investments/.

    The Californiawatch.com story regarding UCLA’s consulting firm that has been plagued by accounting scandals can be found here: http://www.californiawatch.org/watchblog/ucla-consultant-involved-accounting-scandal.

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