The Strategic Counter-Activism Brigade (SCAB) hosts “Picket Lines Schmicket Lines”

Photo Credit: SF Chronicle

On Thursday, February 11 the Strategic Counter-Activism Brigade (SCAB) – a subsidiary of UCMeP formed in anticipation of the March 4th public education strikes – held its first public action: an hour-long faux picket line in front of Kroeber Hall.

The action aimed at training students how to cross picket lines without thinking twice about the ethical, political, or moral consequences of their actions.

While UCMeP is pleased that student apathy on campus is currently running sky high (at almost 2008 levels!), we were actually put off by how many students stopped to watch and take pictures of our little 20 person picket line.

Friends, if we are going to put an end to public education on March 4th, we must discipline ourselves to cross picket lines without hesitation.

We must become desensitized to picketers! Sure, committed activists are good at luring the gullible in with sound arguments and ethical appeals, but we cannot be fooled by their siren calls!

There is a reason why Odysseus crammed the ears of his crew full of wax and tied himself to the mast of his boat. Right?

While the faux picket line did not live up to our expectations of being completely ignored, we were able to get some amazing footage that we will be using in a series of upcoming public service announcement videos that will offer innovative tips for how to cross picket lines on March 4th.

Stay tuned…

The Student Counter-Activist Buddy (or Scabbie as we like to call him)

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