The Comforting Warmth of the Media Spotlight

As you are certainly well-aware, UCMeP was recently propelled into the national media spotlight after coverage of our activities graced the pages of the San Francisco Chronicle and Inside Higher Education.

It safe to say that UCMeP has now become even greater celebrity proponents of the privatization of the UC than our portly President Mark “Lets Make a Two-Tiered UC System!” Yudof or UC Berkeley’s own well-attired albeit ironically-titled Dean of Students, Jonathan “Lets Suspend all the Students!” Poullard.

While we maintain our dream of one-day rivaling UC Berkeley spokesman Dan “The Monologue” Mogulof as the poster child for public relations belligerency, we accept that this is nothing but a pipe dream that not even those venerable video-game plumbers Mario and Luigi could help make a reality.

Still, UCMeP presses on and looks forward to the increased notoriety our “How to Cross a Picket Line” videos will undoubtedly bring us once they go viral (they will be released tomorrow!).

Now, some of you might be concerned by our new narcissistic turn.

As we all know, many burgeoning leaders of movements at the UC have been scorned for their ready (and profitably ambitious) embrace of the media spotlight (not mentioning any names).

You might worriedly ask yourselves, “Isn’t UCMeP worried about the same thing happening to them?”

To this we must answer with an emphatic, “No!” Or better yet, “We don’t care!”

Politics in the US of A is based entirely on celebrity. It does not matter what is said about you, as long as something is said about you. And if anyone gets upset about you hogging the spotlight, well, that is merely a sign of jealousy (one we admit we are familiar with).

If UCMeP is going to become the political powerhouses we deserve to be, then we must take every opportunity to exploit the attention handed to us.

If we have learned one important lesson about politics from certain individuals at the UC who have sought to speak for the students, staff, and union employees to the national media it is this: Grab the spotlight and run, run, run!

Despite the purposefully misleading coverage in the SF Chronicle which presents our growing movement as “satirical,” we are pleased with any type of publicity and eagerly anticipate that phone call from Glenn Beck or even that hunk of a man Anderson Cooper which will assuredly be coming any day now.


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