Bobby Birgeneau: Dropping Student Fees is Stupid

Recently UC Berkeley Chancellor Bobby Birgenau wrote a really creative piece for the Sacramento Bee in which he aims a flame-thrower at all those paper-thin arguments that aver public education, as a proven investment in our public’s future, should be free and accessible to everyone.

While we only skimmed the article (who needs to read the whole thing carefully – after all he is only saying what we elites pay him to), Bobby essentially says that dropping all student fees would be stupid.

Being the committed advocate of social justice we all know him to be (cough, cough),  he even goes on to say that dropping fees would hurt students coming from lower-income families!

Whew, did you catch that logical sleight of hand?

And Bobby forgot to mention that if the UC dropped student fees, it wouldn’t have anything to pledge as bond collateral in the building of all those spiffy new buildings the UC is using to attract private and federal research and development grants!



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2 responses to “Bobby Birgeneau: Dropping Student Fees is Stupid

  1. you missed the “we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to hide” tweets from Mark Yudof and UCOP

    with regard to the state audit of UC that passed unanimously and is going forward

  2. BSMAC

    I admire Robert J. Birgeneau’s commitment to really go above and beyond the call of duty! He genuinely wants to impress me with his show of faithfulness to our current university budgetary process. I find it comforting to know just where he stands.

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