Official Release! UCMeP Presents “The How to Cross a Picket Line on March 4” Instructional Video Series!

As you may or (hopefully) may not be aware, on Thursday, March 4, 2010 there will be a statewide protest to defend public education on a scale never before seen in California.

For those of us who are working hard to put a swift and efficient end to the distastefully outdated and fiscally reckless institution known as public education, March 4 promises to be a very scary day.

With the belligerent mobilization around the March 4 strikes continuing to spread like the plague, infecting students, faculty, and staff alike with dangerous desires for democracy, diversity, accessibility, etc., things are starting to look to grim for the privatization struggle.

This is why the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (UCMeP) recently mobilized a special task force to subvert the March 4 protests: the Strategic Counter-Activism Brigade (SCAB).

Already SCAB has made headlines in major newspapers like the SF Chronicle with its innovative tactics for training students how to cross picket lines without thinking twice about the ethical, moral, or political consequences of their actions.

As part of this campaign to incapacitate March 4, SCAB, in cooperation with UCMeP, has produced a series of public service announcements that offer viewers fun and unique ways to cross picket lines on March 4. You can watch the full exciting “How to Cross a Picket Line” series below (or click here). We invite you to share the videos with friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

It is our hope that these instructional videos will help teach people how to to avoid being lured in by the sound ethical arguments and compelling moral appeals of picketers.

And remember, the decision to cross a picket is never without consequences. No matter your intention, crossing a picket line on March 4 (whether it be going to class, going to work, or even using the library) will be a clear action in support of the destruction of public education.

So please, take the necessary step. Help UCMeP put an end to public education. Cross the picket lines on March 4.


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