The Adopt-a-Regent Campaign shows up outside President Clinton’s Fundraising Stop for Regent Richard Blum!

Credit: The Daily Cal

During these tough economic times, the hardest hit have been our loyal state employees. That’s why some months ago, the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (UCMeP) inaugurated a very special philanthropic endeavor: the Adopt-a-Regent Campaign (ARC).

Since September 2009, UCMeP has done our darnedest to help California’s most under-appreciated state employees by raising money for the UC Board of Regents.

This afternoon we were pleased to step up our philanthropic efforts by showing up outside Zellerbach to solicit donations for ARC from the hundreds lined up to hear former President Bill Clinton promote giving hella cash to Regent Richard Blum and his eponymically named Blum Center.

While we admire President Clinton for stepping up to help out Regent Blum, we were mildly concerned that this event all but ignored all of the other Regents who have been hit hard by the financial crisis.

While we were (surprisingly) unable to raise much money from the greedy crowd (only some pocket change, a few dirty looks, and a piece of peppermint trident chewing gum- mmm!), we were happy to have the chance to finally speak with the Chair of the UC Board of Regents himself, Russel Gould!

Too bad our conversation with Mr. Gould was cut short when he inexplicably decided to run away from us toward the VIP line before we even had the chance to shake hands… he actually kind of hurt out feelings.


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