UCMeP again in the Media Spotlight!

Yesterday UC Davis’ student newspaper the California Aggie ran an enchanting and whimsical story about the origins of the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization.

While the coverage didn’t include any pictures (!!!), it did feature these heartwarming comments from our biggest fan, UC Berkeley SpokesMAN Dan “The Monologue” Mogulof:

I think [UCMeP] is emblematic of Berkeley students at their best; passionate, intelligent, idealistic, committed, clever and innovative… I don’t necessarily agree with all their points or positions but they certainly found an effective way to get their message out and its one that you can’t just walk away from.

Wait! Big-D doesn’t “necessarily agree” with all our points or positions? I guess that’s better than him saying he doesn’t agree with all our points or positions.

And it’s nice to hear that there are some activist groups on campus Dan finds it easy to “just walk away from.”


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