Terrorists Disguised as Dancing Students Strike UC Berkeley!

Last night a band of terrorists disguised as students dancing to defend public education struck a vicious blow to everything UC Berkeley holds dear: its dumpsters and trash cans.

As the Daily Cal reports, yesterday evening around 10PM a dance party began on Sproul Plaza and soon descended into violent and incredibly frightening chaos:

As the crowd moved, a white Dodge Charger turned onto the street and people ran alongside the car as it advanced, a practice commonly referred to as “ghost riding the whip.”

Like the rest of the Bay Area media, we would hate to go into specific details about why protestors (we mean terrorists) did what they did, but instead we would like to instead present you with a photo of the carnage they caused.

Oh, the humanity!

And if you ever find yourself caught in a similarly uncomfortable protest situation, UCMeP is happy to offer you tips on how to escape… check out our brand spanking new instructional video series “How to Cross a Picket Line”:



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4 responses to “Terrorists Disguised as Dancing Students Strike UC Berkeley!

  1. Its

    “Its dumpsters and trash cans,” not “it’s.” “It’s,” with an apostrophe, means “it is.”

    Reminder to the radical intelligentsia: intellectual credibility is, at least in part, predicated on proper grammar.

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