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Peter Robinson = UCMeP’s New Hero!

“In the midst of the Great Recession California students protest in favor of themselves.” -Peter Robinson

We here at UCMeP have been struggling for the right words to describe the March 4 protests to defend all levels of public education in the state of California.

We have searched far and wide for an appropriate way to defame the selfish attempts of certain “people” who want to ensure that kindergartners have the opportunity to learn to read in a classroom with proper heating (and maybe even an asbestos-free ceiling).

This is why we are immeasurably thankful to Peter Robinson (a former speech writer for Reagan – bonus credibility points!) whose insightful words in a recent edition in the Wall Street Journal hit the nail smack dab on the head.

According to Robinson, the March 4 calls to increase funding to beleaguered public schools are nothing but “a resource grab.” And as he so eloquently puts it, a “crass,” “self-pleading” one at that.

While we aren’t sure where people like this come from, we are sure happy they are out there heroically fighting on our side!

For more from Pete, check out the thrilling How Ronald Reagan Changed my Life: The Story of a Love between two Men that the GOP would not let be.

The Golden State’s Me Generation
“In the midst of the Great Recession California students protest in favor of themselves.”
from the Wall Street Journal

During the “Strike and Day of Action to Defend Education” on Thursday, tens of thousands of students, teachers, professors and administrators marched in California and some 30 other states to protest cuts in education spending. David Patterson, a librarian at Cañada College, a community college in Redwood City, proved typical. Continue reading


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