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“Demand Nothing, Privatize Everything!”: UCMeP Announces its Bold Campaign for ASUC

UCMeP's Executive Board Candidates for ASUC (from left to right): External Affairs VP Brandon Woolf; Academic Affairs VP Jessica Smith (UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof standing in for Ms. Smith); President Mandy Cohen; Executive VP Shane Boyle

Announcement of UCMeP’s Candidates for ASUC

For decades UC Berkeley’s student government (ASUC) has been a frat-tastic refuge for the future autocrats and investment bankers of our once-golden state. Week in and week out, these precocious living products of our glorious hedge-fund society have bravely ventured into the hallowed halls of Eshelmann Hall to ardently pretend they were doing something worthwhile with their time. In return for sitting by quietly as administrators, state officials, and corporate executives systematically dismantled public education before their very eyes, these irreproachable individuals got to add a killer line to their resumes.

We here at the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (UCMeP) are, of course, thankful to ironically named student parties like “Student Action” and “Cal-Serv” for doing their part to aide the destruction of public education by doing nothing to substantially resist the privatization of the University of California. But as we all know, we stand at the dawn of a new era, and this new era calls for — nay, demands! — new blood to course through the clogged arteries that constitute Berkeley student government.

Let us be clear, there still exist significant obstacles in the path toward fully privatizing the UC. All of the challenges that cannot be resolved by the swing of a baton or the shock of a taser will need heroic leaders brave enough to implement policies that go against the interests of most of those enrolled or working at UC Berkeley.

With this said, UCMeP is proud to announce its brave decision to run for every single office offered by ASUC.  UCMeP’s campaign will be guided by the bold, forward-looking slogan: “Demand Nothing, Privatize Everything!”

We have assembled a formidable slate of candidates who will steadfastly walk the party line set by the UC Board of Regents while refusing to waste time by participating in substantive debate. With less than a third of students even bothering to vote in student government elections, ASUC is far from a democratically elected body (even by the Regents’ standards). But like any paper tiger worthy of the name, ASUC maintains an aura of authority that administrators never hesitate pointing to when arguing that there do exist legitimate channels on campus for students to lodge their concerns. We hope to (literally) capitalize on the Ponzi-Scheme that is ASUC and push through many modest proposals.

We are immensely proud to reveal UCMeP’s slate of candidates for ASUC:


Mandy “Yark Mudof” Cohen

Executive Vice President:

Shane “Higher Fees Please” Boyle

Academic Affairs Vice President:

Jessica “Bond Collateral” Smith

External Affairs Vice President:

Brandon “Wanna be the Governator” Woolf

Student Advocate:

Danny “Criminals not Students” Marcus


Jessie “Padding my Resume” Hock


Alex “Privatize Everything!” Dubilet


Click here to view UCMeP’s Full Campaign Platform

Go here to view UCMeP’s Impressive Qualifications (including endorsements!)


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Mark Yudof is not More Incompetent than a Broken Picnic Table!

We find the facebook group “Can this broken picnic table get more fans than UC President Mark G. Yudof” to be a disgusting example of free speech.

Let it be known that we are adding to our blacklist the names of the thousands of people who have become  fans of this group over the past two days. You can all expect an irate phone call from Dean of Students Jonathan “Let’s Suspend all the Students” Poullard  any day now.

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