UCMeP’s Impressive Qualifications and Endorsements for ASUC

UCMeP may be new to the institution of ASUC, but we are certainly no strangers to university politics. Not that qualifications matter in elections like this, but UCMeP is certain that its candidates have far more experience in campus organizing, outreach, advocacy, and activism than any other party at UC Berkeley. We challenge anyone to prove us otherwise. We have infiltrated just about every campus activist group, we have organized countless wildly successful events on campus, and we can talk in circles about the most pressing issues facing UC Berkeley better than anyone.

Not only that, but we are easily the best looking, best dressed, and most charming of all the student parties. Most importantly, UCMeP is the only party to have the full endorsement of the university administration. As UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof recently declared in UC Davis’ student newspaper, The Aggie:

I think UCMeP is emblematic of Berkeley students at their best; passionate, intelligent, idealistic, committed, clever and innovative.


Click here to view UCMeP’s Announcement of Candidates

Go here to view UCMeP’s Full Campaign Platform


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