UCMeP’s Campaign Platform Featured in the Daily Cal

Photo Credit: The Daily Cal

This morning the UC Berkeley community woke up to a wonderful story in the Daily Cal detailing UCMeP’s bold vision for privatizing the world’s premier public university.

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UCMeP Executive Candidates Boast Unique Party Platform


Friday, March 19, 2010

The UC Movement for Efficient Privatization party announced Tuesday a slate of five UC Berkeley graduate students running, tongues firmly lodged in their cheeks, for the ASUC executive positions.

The party’s executive candidates are Mandy Cohen for president, Shane Boyle for executive vice president, Brandon Woolf for external affairs vice president, Jessica Smith for academic affairs vice president and Daniel Marcus for student advocate.

The party’s platform has distinguished itself from competitors with proposals for more buildings and fewer students on campus, filling the Bear’s Lair Food Court with fast food chains as well as the ambition to dissolve the ASUC student government entirely.

Bringing attention to issues-such as the police presence on campus-that have largely been ignored by other parties is an important element of the party’s electoral strategy, Boyle said.

“With our platform, (the sarcasm) gets people to think about the issues in a different way,” he said.

Woolf, who auctioned off parts of campus at the Sept. 24 UC systemwide walkout said he intends to work as closely as possible with civic leaders including an intended trip if elected “to the Governator’s office” to ensure the swift privatization of the university.

Smith said she will strive for the elimination of unprofitable social sciences and humanities departments.

Marcus-who could not be reached for comment as of press time-is advocating criminalizing students protesters, Boyle said.

Cohen said if elected, she plans to mitigate the effects of the state budget cuts by eliminating tenured faculty.

“We all know the backbone of the university is a highly paid administration,” she said.

Under the slogan “Demand Nothing, Privatize Everything!,” UCMeP members have been taking part in campus activism since September, Boyle said. The candidates initially connected through their work with the Graduate Student Organizing Committee-which has taken an active role in organizing demonstrations against campus budget cuts since last fall.


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