New Coordinates for UCMeP’s Campaign Fundraising Gala

There has been some concern about the proposed location of UCMeP’s Campaign Fundraising Gala.

Originally the glamorous affair was to be held on the front lawn of the University House (approx. 37.8745°N 122.2621°W). Since making these plans, UCMeP has learned that following the dastardly December terrorist attacks on Chancellor Birgeneau’s flower pots, the University of California decided to deem the building and its environs off-limits to any forms of public expression (as well as fundraising galas — sorry Dick Blum!).

You can actually see the literal limits of protest in the following picture of the University House property:

Far be it from UCMeP to violate any of the strictly imposed regulations that the UC Berkeley administration has so generously placed on free speech at UC Berkeley, home of the Free Speech Movement.

As a result, UCMeP has decided to change the location of our Campaign Fundraising Gala. The new coordinates are:

37.8742°N 122.2626°W

We do hope UCPD finds this change of venue (by 10 feet) suitable.

And here is information on the rain location.


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