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UCMeP’s External Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate Shines!

Brandon Woolf, ASUC's next External Affairs Vice President

This morning the Daily Cal ran a feature on the candidates running for External Affairs Vice President. As always, UCMeP stood out against the competition:

With the notable exception of UC Movement for Efficient Privatization candidate Brandon Woolf, candidates for the office-which is responsible for speaking on behalf of the ASUC and organizing its lobbying efforts-emphasized the importance of raising student awareness in order to address what each said were the most pressing issues facing the student body.


Woolf said that his main goals would be to work with top administrators to make UC Berkeley a completely private institution and advance UCMeP’s philanthropic programs, such as the “Adopt-a-Regent” and “Help Buy Mark Yudof a Plane” campaigns.

“As the external affairs vice president, I really see it as my duty and job to forge cordial, productive and profitable relationships with the various administrators across the state of California,” Woolf said.

You can read the full article here, but trust us, those were the highlights.


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