Last Minute Changes to UCMeP’s Campaign Fundraising Gala

There has been some concern about the proposed location of UCMeP’s Campaign Fundraising Gala which will take place this Thursday, April 1 at 8:00PM.

Originally the glamorous affair was to be held on the front lawn of the University House (approx. 37.8745°N 122.2621°W). Since making these plans, however, members of UC Berkeley’s administration and UCPD have made clear to UCMeP that the front lawn of the University House is off-limits to any form of public expression (and we assume fundraising galas as well — sorry Dick Blum!). Similarly, we were also informed that we were not granted permission to have amplified sound at the event.

Far be it from UCMeP to violate any of the strictly imposed regulations that the UC Berkeley administration has so generously placed on free speech at UC Berkeley, home of the Free Speech Movement.

With this said, we here at UCMeP will be going out our way to abide by the limits of protest 110%.

UCMeP has decided to change the location of our Campaign Fundraising Gala from the front lawn of the University House to the following coordinates: 37.8742°N 122.2626°W (a modest distance from the University House). While UCPD has approved these coordinates, you can be certain that UCMeP will be taking “special” precautions to ensure that our guests show reverence for the spatial limits of protest.

And for all of you concerned about what the ban on amplified sound means for the planned Campaign Ball, please do not fret. You will still have the opportunity to dance the night away with UCMeP — but please make sure to bring your own iPod. We suggest preparing a personal play-list that includes such UCMeP favorites as Billy Joel’s “We didn’t Start the Fire” and anything by Lady Gaga.


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