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(holy crap!) The Daily Calfornian Reports UCMeP has Swept the ASUC Elections!!

We are incredibly pleased (not to mention kind of surprised) about the following news.

The Daily Calfornian is reporting that UCMeP has swept all of the executive positions in the ASUC elections.

You can read the full story here.

Needless to say, but we here at UCMeP are humbled by the results of the election and promise not to let the UC Regents, Mark Yudof, or Governor Schwarzenegger down.


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Remember to Vote for UCMeP

This is about the time when people send out mass emails asking that you remember to vote for them before the clock strikes midnight and Will “Bro-tastic” Smelko turns into a pumpkin.

So if you haven’t already done so, go to and vote for UCMeP’s splendid executive slate of candidates.

But actually we don’t really need your help. We’ve pretty much got ASUC elections wrapped up, all thanks to AIPAC’s vow to help UCMeP and Student Action take over Berkeley student government.

But in an effort to cover up our rigging the election, we ask that you cast votes for Cal Serv and DAAP across the board as well Elliot Goldstein, Waseem Salahi, and Ammar Rizvi for senate.

And don’t worry about student action, AIPAC has got their backs.

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Spend money on the media, not on protests!

Whatever the UC Berkeley administration paid the Daily Cal to publish this story was definitely worth its weight in gold!

Protests Prove Costly to Campus

By Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato

Contributing Writer

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Student protests at UC Berkeley aiming to save public higher education may lead to further cuts to campus services, administrators say.
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UCMeP’s Executive Vice Presidential Candidate wants to Buy your Vote (and your gold — he’ll give you cash)!!

If your vote is still for sale, let me UCMeP know! We’re happy to buy it from you for a good price. We pay cash.

UC Movement for Efficient Privatization candidate Shane Boyle said he plans to bribe students for votes.

“I don’t think anyone compares to us,” he said. “People don’t understand it’s a really good thing to make (the) world’s premier university private, and I think that will come out in the election results next week.”

Read the whole Daily Cal story here.

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UCMeP’s Candidate for Student Advocate Wants Students to Stop Whining!

When it comes to who you should vote for for ASUC’s Student Advocate, there’s no question:

UC Movement for Efficient Privatization party candidate Danny Marcus said his main concern is student safety. He said as student advocate, he is strongly behind increasing the police officer-to-student ratio on campus via UCMeP’s “Cop in Every Classroom” campaign.

Marcus said he wants students involved with demonstrations this academic year to accept and embrace their criminal status.

“We basically want these students to stop complaining,” he said.

Read the whole Daily Cal article here.

For more information on Mr. Marcus’ “A Cop in Every Classroom Proposal.”

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