(holy crap!) The Daily Calfornian Reports UCMeP has Swept the ASUC Elections!!

We are incredibly pleased (not to mention kind of surprised) about the following news.

The Daily Calfornian is reporting that UCMeP has swept all of the executive positions in the ASUC elections.

You can read the full story here.

Needless to say, but we here at UCMeP are humbled by the results of the election and promise not to let the UC Regents, Mark Yudof, or Governor Schwarzenegger down.


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One response to “(holy crap!) The Daily Calfornian Reports UCMeP has Swept the ASUC Elections!!

  1. moravecglobal

    UCB Birgeneau leadership in the age of Transparency: Loss of Credibility, Trust
    The UCB budget gap has grown to $150 million, and still the Chancellor is spending money that isn’t there on expensive outside consultants. His reasons range from the need for impartiality to requiring the “innovative thinking, expertise, and new knowledge” the consultants would bring.

    Does this mean that the faculty and management of a world-class research and teaching institution lack the knowledge, impartiality, innovation, and professionalism to come up with solutions? Have they been fudging their research for years? The consultants will glean their recommendations from interviewing faculty and the UCB management that hired them; yet solutions could be found internally if the Chancellor were doing the job HE was hired to do. Consultant fees would be far better spent on meeting the needs of students.

    There can be only one conclusion as to why creative solutions have not been forthcoming from the professionals within UCB: Chancellor Birgeneau has lost credibility and the trust of the faculty as well as of the Academic Senate leadership that represents them. Even if the faculty agrees with the consultants’ recommendations – disagreeing might put their jobs in jeopardy – the underlying problem of lost credibility and trust will remain.

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