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Kaplan’s Pending Corporate Colonization of Berkeley = Cha-ching!

From a recent Daily Cal article about Kaplan’s much-anticipated corporate colonization of UC Berkeley:

The ASUC Auxiliary and Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions are in negotiations for a commercial sponsorship of the ASUC Lecture Notes Online according to a document given to The Daily Californian Sunday, pending an approval of the sponsorship by the ASUC Auxiliary Store Operations Board.

According to the document, Kaplan would spend a total of $8,000 on sponsorship items, including 10,000 “green” blue books branded with Kaplan identity and sponsorship information, flyers and tabling events at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union. The document also states, “UC Berkeley will work with Kaplan to strategically advance their brand and products to the customers of ASUC Lecture Notes Online.”

UCMeP hasn’t been this excited with the ASUC Auxiliary Store Operations Board and its commitment to ┬áprivatizing ┬áthe UC since last Spring when Former-Dean-of-Students-now-Grand-Inquisitor Jonathan Poullard hijacked the Board in a highly successful putsch that doubled the number of Subway restaurants within a 200 yard radius of the MLK Student Union.

Thank you ASUC for all you do for the UC.


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CraigsList Ad for UC President Mark G. Yudof’s New Luxury Abode

As you all are likely well aware, UC President Mark G. Yudof has experienced a recent unfortunate housing deficit. In order to help him out of his current accommodation crisis, UCMeP has taken it upon themselves to put out ads for a new longterm luxury rental home for President Yudof and his wife. Please  pass along the following CraigsList Ad to anyone you think might be able to assist President Yudof in his time of need.

Plain Text of the Ad:

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