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Justice – Christina Gonzales Style

Note: This may or may not be a photo from the October 27, 2010 Student Code of Conduct hearing at UC Berkeley but rather a photo of a Nazi tribunal.

Yesterday saw the first show trial against “students” involved in the wave of terrorist attacks that swept UC Berkeley last fall (aka the Berkeley Autumn).

Take it from us, like any kangaroo court worthy of the name, the UC’s marsupialesque performance of justice was as inspiring as we here at UCMeP had anticipated.

We thoroughly enjoyed spending all afternoon AND evening at the proceedings as a panel handpicked by the Office of Student Conduct masterfully spent hours combing through the case of a single student (we were the ones sitting in the back eating popcorn).

As the UC braces itself for what we eagerly hope will be even more long and drawn out processes of belittling, badgering, and defaming the undergraduate and graduate students of UC Berkeley, UCMeP would just like to remind the campus community that the repression of student activism is an educational process – or so Associate Dean of Students Christina Gonzales loves reminding us.


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