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12/11 – Never Forget!!

It was one year ago this very day that the UC community was terrorized by the most brutal act of barbarity in recent memory.

December 11, 2009 was a day that has gone down in infamy for its unparalleled destruction and incomprehensible chaos. It was on this fateful day that a motley horde of torch-bearing urban guerillas conducted a well-coordinated midnight siege on the opulent residence of UC Berkeley Chancellor Bobby Birgeneau. The violence committed was merciless; the casualties were dear. Among those we lost during the harrowing attack was none other than Bobby Birgeneau’s favorite clay pot.

When the smoke finally cleared the next morning, Governor Schwarzenegger condemned the violent onslaught as an act of terrorism. And Chancellor Birgeneau – not wanting to waste a golden opportunity to slander his students – issued a statement from an underground bunker in which he justly called all those wanting to keep public the world’s most renowned public university “criminals not activists.”

Yet these plutocratic protagonists of the privatization struggle were hardly alone in their unimpetuous and understated responses. Even a wide array of UC Berkeley’s very own armchair-Marxist faculty – finding their liberal sensibilities shaken by this disgusting act of political praxis – bravely came out in solidarity with Chancellor Birgeneau and the inanimate victims of 12/11. In so doing, they and many others valiantly chose to all but forget the relatively minor act of violence done to students earlier that morning (which ostensibly precipitated the terrorist attack on Chancellor Birgeneau’s residence).

One year later, we here at the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (UCMeP) remain outraged by the inhumane atrocities committed that evening. We are determined not to rest until each and every terrorist who supports public education is wiped off the face of the earth. Moreover, we are committed to honoring the martyrs of 12/11 by refusing to forget the ultimate sacrifice they made in the struggle to dismantle public education. UCMeP urges everyone to take time today to remember the heroes we lost on 12/11 and to never forget the heinous crimes that are committed on a daily basis in the name of public education.



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