Christopher Edley Can Predict the Future!!

As if being Dean of Boalt Law School, Special Sidekick to UC President Mark Yudof, and architect of the Online UC (that profitable debt-making machine disguised as a civil-rights project) were not enough, Christopher Edley has just revealed his possession of yet another remarkably marketable trait – one that makes him even worthier of the millions more in pension bucks he and the rest of the Gilded 36 are so humbly demanding: he can see the freaking future!!

In an email to the Boalt Law School community yesterday afternoon, Dean Edley sagely predicted:

“It is absolutely not true that the world will end, tomorrow 1/11/11 at 1:11 pm.  But be prepared for an earthquake.”

We here at the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (UCMeP) hardly need more proof that Christopher Edley deserves more cash to line his banana stand.

And while his diaphanous explanation to the Boalt Law School community as to why he deserves so much more cash (at a time when the state is cutting $500 million in funding to the UC) will probably not convince the already wisely converted, if Dean Edley is correct and today is in fact NOT Armageddon, then let UCMeP be the first to declare this about our Tiresian Dean: he deserves more than just a few hundred thousand more dollars in pension bucks – he deserves anything he wants!

After all, just think how many funds for the UC he could raise by playing roulette in Vegas!!

In the meantime, do your part and give Dean Edley all the BARF he deserves.


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One response to “Christopher Edley Can Predict the Future!!

  1. Matthew M.

    Frightening. With those powers, who knows what the reagents are capable of…

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