Edley Got it Right!!

As you may have already heard – the world did not end yesterday… just like Christopher Edley predicted.

Even more astonishing is the fact that – following the second half of Dean Edley‘s prophecy – there was actually an earthquake in the Bay Area last night!

We knew Dean Edley had high connections, but….

Like everyone else at the University of California, UCMeP is continually astounded by Christopher Edley and the things he does and says.

Not only is Christopher Edley Dean of one of the world’s premier law schools and Architect of the Online UC (aka “The Just-Because-We-Don’t-Want-Your-Kind-On-Campus-Doesn’t-Mean-We-Won’t-Take-Your-Money University”), but he has just proven himself a world-class clairvoyant up there with the likes of Miss Cleo!

We must keep Dean Christopher Edley part of the UC community.

But as he and  36 other dedicated public servants have recently made clear, the only way to retain people with talents like his is by giving them tons of cash.

Do your part to keep augurous administrators like Dean Christopher Edley part of the UC by giving them all the BARF they deserve.

Making sure people like Dean Edley remain at the UC may not be the only way to kill public education in the State of California, but it sure will help!!


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