Save Our Dean Solidarity Rally

We here at the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (UCMeP) are proud to announce our support for a brave cohort of UC Berkeley law students who are standing in solidarity with Christopher Edley during the Dean’s time of financial exigency.

Save Our Dean (SOD) is calling for a Solidarity Rally this Wednesday, January 19 in Steinhard Courtyard of Boalt Hall on the campus of UC Berkeley. The rally is scheduled to begin at 12:45.

UCMeP hopes that each and everyone one of you will be able to make this very special event. As a cherry on top, UCMeP has learned that none other than Dean Christopher Edley has been invited to speak at the rally.

Please see below for their call to action. And be sure to visit the SOD website ( to learn about how to donate money directly to Dean Edley.


We write as members of the Boalt Hall community concerned over recent criticism of Dean Edley. As you may have heard, Dean Edley wrote to the Board of Regents on December 9 to remind them of their “moral and ethical” responsibilities to increase the pensions of University of California executives earning over $245,000. Taking a moral stand isn’t always easy or popular, but we applaud Dean Edley for doing so.

Although there are a host of problems now plaguing the University of California system, we agree with Dean Edley that this is an issue our community needs to address URGENTLY. While all of us have had to undertake sacrifices – rising tuition, cuts to financial aid, and layoffs – the demand letter serves as a timely reminder that, eventually, a line must be drawn.

Dean Edley’s powerful e-mail to the community serves as a moral challenge to us all. We hope that this dispute does not result in a “costly and unsuccessful legal confrontation for the University.” But if it does, we want to show the Board of Regents that some of this nation’s brightest young legal minds will be supporting Dean Edley in his fight for higher executive pensions.


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