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March 2 Day of Inaction against Public Education

The “March 2 Day of Inaction against Public Education” is just around the corner. We here at the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (UCMeP) sincerely hope that you will join us in doing nothing to defend public education on this day.

UCMeP understands that for most of you at the UC, doing nothing to defend public education will hardly be a departure from your normal routine.

Following the disgraceful displays of democratic disobedience that marred the 2009-2010 academic year, UCMeP is thrilled to see how easy it was for the UC administration and the California state government to convince so many of you that public education in California is not worth the effort required to save it – but is in fact worth far more (for some people) by gutting and privatizing it.

To all of you once-mutinous professors who have not already wisely jumped the sinking ship of public higher education in pursuit of “greener” pastures, UCMeP would just like to offer our thanks for your new-found resignation and inimitable inaction. You truly are upstanding models for your students.

And all of you students who have turned a blind eye to the once unfathomable transformations currently underway at the UC, well, your self-imposed ignorance and stalwart apathy are truly things UCMeP and Governor Jerry Brown treasure.

With this said, UCMeP would just like to remind you once again, the best thing you can do to destroy public education is to do nothing at all. We sincerely hope you join UCMeP in doing nothing to defend public education on March 2. We only hope that our collective inaction will be an inspiration to our peers in Wisconsin.

And please enjoy the following UCMeP-approved fliers for the “March 2 Day of Inaction against Public Education.”



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