March 2 Day of Inaction against Public Education

The “March 2 Day of Inaction against Public Education” is just around the corner. We here at the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (UCMeP) sincerely hope that you will join us in doing nothing to defend public education on this day.

UCMeP understands that for most of you at the UC, doing nothing to defend public education will hardly be a departure from your normal routine.

Following the disgraceful displays of democratic disobedience that marred the 2009-2010 academic year, UCMeP is thrilled to see how easy it was for the UC administration and the California state government to convince so many of you that public education in California is not worth the effort required to save it – but is in fact worth far more (for some people) by gutting and privatizing it.

To all of you once-mutinous professors who have not already wisely jumped the sinking ship of public higher education in pursuit of “greener” pastures, UCMeP would just like to offer our thanks for your new-found resignation and inimitable inaction. You truly are upstanding models for your students.

And all of you students who have turned a blind eye to the once unfathomable transformations currently underway at the UC, well, your self-imposed ignorance and stalwart apathy are truly things UCMeP and Governor Jerry Brown treasure.

With this said, UCMeP would just like to remind you once again, the best thing you can do to destroy public education is to do nothing at all. We sincerely hope you join UCMeP in doing nothing to defend public education on March 2. We only hope that our collective inaction will be an inspiration to our peers in Wisconsin.

And please enjoy the following UCMeP-approved fliers for the “March 2 Day of Inaction against Public Education.”



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3 responses to “March 2 Day of Inaction against Public Education

  1. Jessica

    UCMeP, you’ve done it again! You’ve confirmed all of my beliefs that have festered over the past few years. The best thing I can do for my future is STAY HOME on March 2nd. I’ll just let the people at the top decide on how to get us our of this budget crisis mess. As a student, I will work harder to get into classes that don’t exist, won’t buy the books I need for classes (you can find that stuff on the ‘net—right?), won’t worry about grasping the material through sections taught by knowledgeable grad students (cause sections don’t exist anymore)—who really needs to know that stuff anyway—all I care about is passing the class. Besides, doing all these “actions” puts me personally at risk. I mean what did all those radicals in the 60s actually achieve with all their yelling and singing and marching and civil disobedience? Nothing. If you just wait long enough, the people at the top will change things. Like the 8 hour work day, and desegregating the South. It was just time for those things to get better, and they did. Thank god we have leaders. And thank god we have you, UCMeP. You are the voice of reason. And if my public education has taught me one thing in all these years, it is this: Be Reasonable.

    • Considering your seemingly unwavering faith in the ability of people like Jerry Brown to steward the state of California, I wonder if you might not be a member of UAW 2865’s administrative caucus? Is this Daraka Larimore-Hall?

  2. a totally unsung hero

    Thank you, UCMeP! Finally someone gives passivism the praise it’s due! These days, it’s all activism all the time as far as the liberal (let’s just call it leftist) media is concerned: student activists, union activists, Egyptian activists–and even worse: Wisconsonites. Well blah, blah, blah! No one seems to care anymore about the brave *inactivists* who have made this country what it is, and pretty much every other country we’ve been able to get our hands on too! For going on four decades we’ve put the “NO” in PROTEST and the “MANUFACTURED CONSENT” in NEOLIBERALISM. We’re the real heroes of the world today, not those dirty lefty losers, with their “justifiable anger” and their “reasonable demands”! No way Jose!

    We inactivists have applauded–apparently inaudibly–as the support-structure of middle class life has been artfully demolished, piece by loving piece. Who wants justice, or job security, when you can have spectacular, even world-class inequality? How would we savor the fruits of our labor if someone richer than us didn’t savor them for us? How would we orient our moral compass??? The unsung inactivists and now-forgotten passivists of the world toil daily on behalf of our nominal greatness. Raise the banner high, UCMeP!! We’ll be there on March 2nd–yes, we’ll be there, sitting contentedly in our living rooms, probably still in our underwear, eating things out of packages and feeling gooood. See you not on the barricades!!

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