Ugh, not again

We here at the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (UCMeP) are  reporting live from outside Wheeler Hall where a group of ungrateful miscreants have had the gall to ruin the plaintive mood set by yesterday’s inspiring Day of Inaction against Public Education by locking themselves down on the roof of UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall.

We just had the privilege to talk with UCPD police chief Mitch “Make ’em Hurt” Celaya and Dean of Students Jonathan Poullard about what’s unfolding.

When asked how he planned to get the protestors off the roof of Wheeler Hall, a visibly skittish Chief Celaya said he was going to call in a real police force like the Alameda County Sheriff to handle things.

And Dean Poullard – always an ardent supporter of student rights – said that if he had the choice, he’d use a high-power fire hose to knock them off.



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3 responses to “Ugh, not again

  1. jon stewart

    you must be fat, beer jacketed frat boy

  2. dunce

    did poullard actually say that? please say it is so.

    • Yes, yes he did. UCMeP never fibs. And he said that if that didn’t work he’d through paper airplanes made out of student conduct letters at them.

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