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UCMeP’s Equality Bake Sale Raises $1.8 Million

Credit: The Daily Cal

We here at the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (UCMeP) are proud to report that today’s “Equality Bake Sale” at UC Berkeley was an exemplary example of predatory privatizing power!

At $22,000 a pop (a subtle nod to what in-state tuition will be if the proposed 81% tuition hike goes through), the cupcakes we sold to hungry undergraduates raised over $1.8 million.

Sure, all of that money came in as student loans provided by the generously usurious Citibank. But like the UC Regents, UCMeP is (almost) certain that the overinflated student loan bubble will never pop. And if it does, well, plutocrats like us won’t be the ones getting screwed!

Considering the astounding success of today’s bake sale, who can honestly say that privatization projects at the UC are not profitable?

Well, no one actually says that… most critics just claim that privatizing public education is reckless, exploitative, and highly unsustainable.

Of these jealous peasants, UCMeP and UC President Mark Yudof say, “Let them eat cupcakes!”

For coverage of today’s “Equality Bake Sale,” see the Daily Cal. For more information on the “Equality Bake Sale” go here.


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