UC Davis Police Offering New Course in Authoritarianism

We here at the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (UCMeP) are pleased to announce that the UC Davis Police Department is now offering a timely and only mildly psychotic practicum course in authoritarianism.

Below is Lt. John Pike demonstrating a key technique of this curriculum. It certainly takes its cue from the more “hands on” approach recently implemented by UC Berkeley Police Chief Mitch “Make ’em Hurt” Celaya.

If you would like to ask Lt. John Pike any questions about his innovative pedagogical method, please feel free to email him at japikeiii@ucdavis.edu, or call him at 530-752-3989.

And here are two instructional videos:


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One response to “UC Davis Police Offering New Course in Authoritarianism

  1. It turns out that Lt John Pike has already cost the university money to settle an anti-gay slur he used. So the question arises, why was he PROMOTED after this? It seems to me that Annette Spicuzza should be a prime target for firing because of her total lack of judgement in placing him in charge of other officers.

    Think about this:
    There was a student demonstration and what did she do?

    She called in police in full riot gear.
    She armed the police with rubber bullets.
    She armed the police with fire extinguisher size MILITARY GRADE pepper spray.
    She claimed that Pike was in harms way by students who were sitting with arms locked.
    She said she was proud of how her officers conducted themselves.

    What was she thinking?

    This is not someone who has clear thinking and should be leading a campus police department. Annette Spicuzza needs to go! Anything less puts the students in danger and don;t think that there won;t be reprisals if she gets to stay.

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