Privatize Now, Ask Questions Later!

Like so many other faculty, staff, and students of the University of California, we here at the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization are extremely concerned by the pending privatization of the world’s premiere public university. Yet unlike the thousands of faculty, staff, and students whining over the direction in which certain elites are steering the UC, we are deeply troubled by the snail’s pace at which this inevitable transformation is proceeding. An enduring faith in the maxim “time is money” has led UCMeP to undertake a number of innovative projects since Fall 2009 to ensure the  swift and efficient privatization of the University of California.


UCMeP in the Media Spotlight (Selected)!

Student Sharpen attack on UC Costs with Satire (SF Chronicle)

Students Rally in Support of Berkeley Law Dean (The Guardian, UC San Diego)

Using Humor to Criticize U. of California Leaders (Inside Higher Ed)

Group Shines Spotlight on UC Administrative Actions Through Use of Satire and Irony (The California Aggie, UC Davis)

Group Hones Critique of UC with Satire (National Student News Service)

UCMeP Plays with Humor and Art to Draw Attention to UC System’s Issues (The Daily Cal, UC Berkeley)

March on Everywhere! (Inside Higher Ed)

UCs Look for Solutions to Solve Increases (Golden Gate X-Press, SFSU)

UCMeP Executive Candidates Boast Unique Party Platform (The Daily Cal, UC Berkeley)

Video Interview with the Daily Cal:


Join Us!

We are always on the look out for new recruits who are against democracy, diversity, and publicness. If you want to say yes to autocracy, exclusivity, and privateness, then join our growing movement today! You can find us on the interwebs at:






Contact Us!

Please send all questions, queries, suggestions, fan-mail, and speaking engagement requests to:



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