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Mockupy Cal

November 2011

Luncheon Announcement

“Cal Mulls Removing Tents” (The Bay Citizen)

“Vote for your Favorite Occupy Cal Artwork!” (The Daily Clog)

“Thousands Gather for Day of Protests at Cal Campus” (CBS Video)



The Equality Bake Sale

October 2011


UCMeP’s Equality Bake Sale Raises $1.8 Million

“UC Berkeley group advertises cupcakes — for $22,000” (The Daily Cal)

“Berkeley Comedy Group Plans ‘Equality Bake Sale'” (The Bay Citizen)


UCMeP’s Explosive Welcome Back Cocktail Party!

August 2011



Assembly to Defend Dean Edley’s Pension (collaboration with Save Our Dean)

January 2011

Call to Action

UCMeP’s Save our Dean Speech

The Media Fallout


Jonathan Poullard’s Anti-Student Union

May 2010

MLK Jr. Student Union Successfully Renamed to Jonathan Poullard’s Anti-Student Union!!

Announcement of the Dedication Ceremony of Jonathan Poullard’s Anti-Student Union


The Daily Calfornian Online Newspaper

April 2010

The Daily Calfornian Reports UCMeP Sweeps ASUC Executive Offices!


UCMeP’s Campaign Fundraising Gala!!

April 2010

Invitation to UCMeP’s Campaign Fundraising Gala

New Coordinates for UCMeP’s Campaign Fundraising Gala

Last Minutes Changes to UCMeP’s Campaign Fundraising Gala


Demand Nothing, Privatize Everything! UCMeP’s Illustrious Corporate Takeover of UC Berkeley Student Government!!

April 2010

Announcement of Candidates

Campaign Platform

Qualifications and Endorsements

UCMeP Executive Candidates Boast Unique Campaign Platform (Coverage in the Daily Cal)

Join the facebook group Support UCMeP in its Illustrious Corporate Takeover of ASUC


UCMeP Rolls out the Red Carpet for Scabs on the March 4 Nationwide Day of Action to Defend Public Education

March 2010

Photo Album (click the image to view the entire album)


“The How to Cross a Picket Line on March 4” Instructional Video Series

February 2010

Tip #47: Use the Force

Tip #108: Come Bearing Gifts

Tip #17: Part the Sea of Reds

Tip #3: Butter


The Strategic Counter-Activism Brigade (SCAB)

February 2010

Picket Lines Schmicket Lines Recap

Picket Lines Schmicket Lines Video Shoot (flier)


Dan Mogoluf is the Top Outstanding Oratorical Leader (TOOL) of the Year

December 2009 and January 2010

Photographs (click the photo to view the full album)

TOOL of the Year Award Letter (Original)

TOOL of the Year Award Letter (Censored Revised)

TOOL of the Year Award Ceremony Script

TOOL of the Year Invitation

TOOL of the Year Award Ceremony Press Release

Award Ceremony Keynote Address from the Chairman

Mogulof’s Greatest Hits Slideshow!

TOOL Award Ceremony Program


UCMeP Buy-In!

September 2009

Call for the UCMeP Buy-In

Buy-In Demands

Privatize Now! Ask Questions Later: A Manifesto for Privatization

Auction Report

Buy-In Video (You can see part of our chairman’s speech about 45 seconds in and part of our auction at the end of the video) 

Another fan video (just misses our entrance and exit)


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